Top Socially Responsible Bond ETFs for 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 20, 2022 By Triston Martin


Equities of businesses that consider socially conscious ETFs invest in financial profits and social good. The phrase "socially responsible" is used broadly to refer to values including business ethics, environmental responsibility, and respect for human rights. Socially Responsible ETFs manage $95.05 billion in total assets across 190 ETFs offered on U.S. exchanges.

It might appear at first glance that a list of the top bond ETFs for 2022 would only contain investments that can thrive in a rising-rate, inflationary climate. However, this will only be partly true. Allocating your entire portfolio's fixed-income mix to funds that buy Treasury inflation-protected assets (TIPS) or ultra-short-term treasuries would not be your best and only course of action unless your holding time is just a few months.

However, given that the year has been well underway, there may be little time left to implement those tried-and-true strategies for inflationary pressure rates in 2022. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the most significant investments for the present and a second eye on the most acceptable assets for the future.

ETFs and joint funds such as these aid in ethical investing:

There are many reasons to be dissatisfied with the order of affairs in 2022 if you tend to see the world from a glass-half-empty perspective. Systemic racism is pervasive and entrenched throughout America, wealth disparity is only worsening, and we are far from making any real headway in addressing the urgent global climate issue.

However, investors don't have to shrug and accept the traditional way of conducting business on Wall Street. Investment opportunities let you productively employ your sacrificed savings without compromising your morals. The following 7 products are all socially conscious investments that provide various approaches to ensure you can invest economically while also having a clear conscience.

In this post, you’ll know about top socially responsible bond ETFs for 2022.


The cost and performances of the ICE U.S. FAHY 10 percent Constrained Index are tracked by the VEFAHY Bond ETF. The fund consists of corporate securities once offered as investment-grade business bonds but is now below investment grade. Assets in ANGL are at least 80% invested in the securities that comprise the fund's benchmark index.

The fund offers exposure to fixed-income instruments for debt in the U.S., Italy, the UK, Germany, Canada, and other countries. Top holdings include the 6.875 percent corporate bonds of Sprint Capital Corp. due on November 15, 2028, the 4.375 percent corporate bonds of KHC due on June 1, 2046, and the 8.75 percent corporate bonds of Sprint Capital.

The FTMHI ETF seems to be a proactively managed product with the primary objective of giving investors income that is not subject to federal taxes. The minimum percentage of the fund's net assets that are held in municipal debt instruments with interest that is not subject to ordinary federal income taxes is 80%. The debt securities with 15 to 19.99 years duration represent FMHI's highest exposure.


By nearly matching the value and results of the S-Network MBCEF Index, XMPT encourages businesses to enter the municipal bond market. The benchmark measures the performance of closed-end funds listed in the United States and purchasing securities from the tax-exempt market that trades in dollars. Although it makes investments in closed-end funds, this strategy offers a wide range of exposure to fixed-income assets with different durations.

The ETF offers the possibility of a significant amount of tax-free income and could produce yields that are higher than those of the majority of conventional fixed-income investments. The NVG, the NAD, and the NEA ICLN are the three bond funds that comprise the fund's top three holdings.

ICLN is for you if you are particularly concerned about fighting global warming and want to ensure that your portfolio includes holdings in businesses developing our future in clean energy. This fund's around 100 stocks represent a who's who of renewable and renewable energy sources. Enphase Energy Inc. (ENPH), a $24 billion solar company, is in the first place, followed by leading over-the-counter turbine manufacturer VWDRY, and sometimes even utilities like Consolidated Edison Inc. that have made significant investments in alternative energy sources like biomass and hydroelectricity (E.D.).


It's intentional if the pick seems to be made in a shotgun blast. These top-rated ETF options offer investors a top-notch means of achieving a wide range of goals they may have for the upcoming year. XMPT, FMHI, and ANGL are the bonds exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with the best one-year following total return.

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