Amica Car Insurance Review (2022)

Feb 12, 2022 By Susan Kelly

Amica car insurance rates are typically the cheapest among the nation's biggest names, which is definitely good. However, Amica doesn't offer as many perks and benefits as other big-name companies. It also doesn't provide an app to help streamline your claim experiences. The company does have excellent customer service and offers some discounts that you don't often see with other companies.

If you're looking for cheap car insurance, you might start by checking out Amica's rates. They tend to be the cheapest.

Amica car insurance is probably one of America's best-kept secrets when it comes to cheap auto insurance coverage. In fact, Maine requires every licensed driver to have Amica car insurance by law. Unfortunately, most people don't find out about this company until they get into a collision or need some other type of assistance from their insurer.

Amica Car Insurance Rates - how much does Amica cost?

Amica has low rates because its policyholders tend to be good drivers who do not engage in risky behavior behind the wheel and file very few, if any, claims with their insurer over time. Because this type of customer is less challenging to insure, the insurer can lower its premiums.

Amica Insurance doesn't offer a discount for good students or over 25-year olds because it doesn't have a student or young driver program. However, there is an abundance of other discounts available with this insurer, including multiple policy discounts, homeowner's insurance discounts, and senior citizens/retired person discounts, just to name a few. In addition to these known discounts, Amica also offers some not-so-known discounts, such as having a home alarm system installed in your home or taking defensive driving courses from approved providers, among others. Discounts change from one state to another, so you'll have to carefully review the list of discounts offered in your particular state. You can get a quote for your area and then check what discounts are available.

Amica Car Insurance Deductible - how much is the Amica deductible?

Amica car insurance rates can be as low as $544 a year in some states and as high as $909 per year. The company has an average annual rate of $500, making it one of the cheapest auto insurers out there. You can get a quote and see which discounts may apply to you by entering your zip code and clicking "go."

Is Amica Car Insurance Reliable?

While Amica is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies, it does not offer as many benefits as other national names. To help make up for this shortfall, the company provides discounts usually not found with other major car insurance providers. Because it offers very cheap rates and a variety of discounts, Amica is an excellent choice for those who don't require all the bells and whistles which come bundled in with other national brands.

Amica Car Insurance Reviews - what do people say?

Amica has been around since 1907, so it's definitely an old-timer in the industry. It was initially named "State Mutual Fire Insurance Company" until 1972, when its name changed to State Mutual Insurance Company of America. The name stayed the same until 2004, when it officially changed to Amica Insurance Company, which is the name that you'll be hearing today.

Amica Car Insurance Claims - how easy is it to make a claim?

Because Amica car insurance quotes are so cheap (on average), you don't often hear about policyholders making claims with their insurer. This low number of shares speaks volumes about this company's ability to provide good coverage at great rates. With almost all insurers, you will face some type of uphill battle if you ever need to file a claim with your insurer (exclusions &'' limitations, complicated paperwork, time-consuming process, etc.). Our research shows many complaints filed against smaller regional insurers and companies who are not members of major insurance groups. Few complaints are filed against Amica car insurance which gives us additional confidence that this company is legit.

Amica Car Insurance Rates - how much do they go up?

If you have good driving habits, your premiums should never go up because every insurer has a rate increase trigger for when accidents, speeding tickets, or DUI violations occur on your driving record. State laws vary regarding when your rates can rise. However, even in states where insurance companies can raise rates at will, it's still possible to get the rate lowered again after a period of good driving behavior. The most major rate increase trigger is having an accident with property damage over $500 because most insurers raise their rates drastically for this type of accident.

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